• USD 490 Board of Education

    Vicki Coash
    Norm Wilks
    Ryan Carson
    Monty Hughey

    Heather Nichols
    Tom Storrer
    Sharon Waugh

October 8, 2018
October 8, 2018


Regular Minutes
U.S.D. #490 Board of Education
October 8, 2018
6:00 p.m.

These minutes may be approved or amended at the November 12, 2018, BOE meeting.

The Board of Education of USD 490 met in regular session on Monday, October 8, 2018, in the Board of Education Office, 124 West Central, El Dorado, Kansas.

I. Routine

1. The meeting was called to order by Board President Norm Wilks at 6:00 p.m.

2. Roll Call

Members Present: Norm Wilks, President
Tom Storrer, Vice President
Vicki Coash
Monty Hughey
Heather Nichols
Sharon Waugh

Others Present: Sue Givens, Superintendent
Melissa Smith, BOE Clerk
Julie Jensen, Executive Director of Curriculum
Doug Jensen, Executive Director of Technology
Dr. Kellen Adams, Executive Director of Fiscal/Support Services
Chad Schuetz, Principal
DeDe Pierce, Assistant Principal
Amanda Yager, Teacher
Denise Johnson, Teacher
Christie Henderson, Counselor
Lora Meirowsky, Teacher
Kinley Nielsen, Student
Penny Nielsen, Patron
Deanna Bonn, Butler County Times Gazette

3. Executive Session

At 6:00 p.m. Board President Norm Wilks moved to recess into an executive session for a period of 30 minutes to discuss issues regarding specific non-elected personnel with Board members and the Superintendent present. Tom Storrer seconded the motion. The motion carried 6-0.

The board returned to general session at 6:30 p.m. with the same people as listed above present.

4. Approval of the Agenda

Vicki Coash made a motion to approve the agenda and addendum (9a. Additional Personnel Recommendation). Seconded by Monty Hughey, the motion carried 6-0.

5. Approve Consent Calendar

Monty Hughey made a motion to approve the Consent Calendar. Seconded by Sharon Waugh, the motion carried 6-0.

Minutes, September 10, 2018 Regular meeting
Financial Reports, enclosures A, B, C
Credit Card Report
Activity Report
Tech Plan
Early Graduation Requests

6. Comments from the Public

There were no comments from the public.

7. Recognition

• Kansas School Bus Safety Poster Contest Winner – Kinley Nielsen

8. Updates

• Blackmore – Chad Schuetz, teachers Denise Johnson and Amanda Yager, and School Counselor Christie Henderson shared practices being used at Blackmore Elementary to aide Social/Emotional Learning.

Tom Storrer left the meeting at 7:04 p.m.
Tom Storrer returned to the meeting at 7:07 p.m.

• State and Federal Programs Update – DeDe Pierce Blackmore Assistant Principal and LCP Coordinator, provided a review of the State and Federal Programs including Title I, II, IV and V programs, State ESOL and State At-Risk.

• Enrollment Report – Superintendent Sue Givens provided the unaudited FY19 enrollment numbers. Enrollment headcount is up 20 students and students transported shows an increase of 62 students.

• KASB Video “Governance Model” – postponed to the November meeting.

9. Board Vacancy

Sharon Waugh made a motion to appoint Bernie Spradling to the USD 490 Board of Education. Vicki Coash seconded the motion. On a 3-3 vote, the motion failed.

Tom Storrer made a motion to appoint Rob Lane to the USD 490 Board of Education. Monty Hughey seconded the motion. The motion carried 5-1.

10. Updated Interlocal Agreement for Special Education Services

The special education cooperative agreement has been updated to exclude language that did not allow for the cooperative to maintain their own facilities for special programs.

Heather Nichols made a motion to approve the revised Interlocal Agreement for Special Education Services as recommended. Seconded by Tom Storrer, the motion carried 6-0.

11. USD 490 Personnel Recommendations

Vicki Coash made a motion to approve the following USD 490 recommendations, including the Addendum. Sharon Waugh seconded the motion. The motion carried 6-0.

Additional Duties
Gary Melcher, EHS Assistant Football Coach;

Crystal Cousins, Bus Aide/Sub Van Driver;
Howard Goldsmith, PAC A/V Tech;
Sandra Gulick, Bus Driver;
Amy Joiner, Sub Van Driver and Sub Custodian;
Kody Melugin, EMS Boys Basketball Coach;
Diane Miller, Bus Driver/Bus Aide;
Savanna Newman, Night Custodian at Blackmore;
Lindsey Porter, Bus Driver;
Paula Thornton, Bus Aide;

Matt Callaway, Maintenance/Grounds, replacing Curt Johnson;
Danicka Hon, Bus Aide/Sub Van Driver, replacing Kim Sampoll;
Hilary Koehn, Parent Educator, replacing Tiffany Schuetz;
Jody Pringle, Building Aide at Blackmore, replacing Leta Kocher;

Ivanna Dewitt, Custodian at Blackmore;
Curt Johnson, Maintenance/Grounds;
Brandi Lanning, EHS Food Service;
Casey Lippoldt, EHS Baseball Coach;
Mariauna Mays, Sub Custodian;
David Riggle, Bus Driver;

Sue Givens, Superintendent; (eff. June 2019)

Substitute Teachers
Cally Bitterlin, Megan Fowler, Kody Melugin, Marna Schowalter, Brent Vancuren

Rebecca Boender, from Bus Aide to Sub Bus Aide;
Miranda Cecchini-Roosevelt, from Bus Aide to Driver;
Leta Kocher, from Building Aide at Blackmore to Project Lead the Way Aide at Skelly;

15. Announcements

• October 15-19 National School Lunch Week
• October 22-26 National School Bus Safety Week
• October 23 & 25 Parent/Teacher Conferences
• October 21-27 Red Ribbon Week
• October 29 5th Monday BOE Meeting

II. Adjournment

Board President Norm Wilks adjourned the meeting at 7:25 p.m.

Melissa Smith, Clerk of the Board
USD 490
Butler County, KS

  • How Schools are Governed

    The USD Board of Education welcomes you to their meeting. Copies of the agenda are available so you may more easily follow the proceedings.

    All Board meetings are open to the public, except for executive sessions. Executive sessions may be called for the discussion of personnel matters, acquisition of property, negotiations, and confidential records.

    The Board of Education meets at 6:30 p.m. on the second Monday of each month at the Administration Office, 124 W. Central, El Dorado, KS. If the meeting date falls on a legal holiday and school is not in session, the Board will meet on the second Tuesday of that month. Special meetings may be called as needs arise.

    Visitors are welcome to comment on agenda items. The Board president, under the "Comments from the Public" item on the agenda, will ask visitors wishing to comment to identify themselves and what they are wishing to speak upon, then to make their presentation. A time limit may be set.
    The Board invites patrons of the district to attend its meeting and to be aware of Board functions. Further, the Board provides opportunities for individuals or groups to make presentations to the Board and be heard on issues of interest.
    Requests for formal presentations to the Board should be placed with the superintendent at least five school days prior to the regular meeting date. The individual or group will be given opportunity to present material as a regular item on the agenda.

    Items presented to the Board in this way will be acted upon if the Board feels that adequate information is available and/or adequate time for consideration has elapsed.