Counseling Dept.
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Mrs. Melanie Mann, Guidance Secretary
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Guidance and Counseling Services:
Guidance services, including personal, educational and career counseling, are available to all students. Parents are also welcome to confer with the counselors. The purpose of the El Dorado Middle School Guidance Department is to:
—Assist students in understanding themselves.
—Assist students in understanding their own abilities, aptitudes, and interests.
—Assist students in developing social skills.
—Assist students with personal issues.
—Assist students in the exploration of careers.
Students are encouraged to arrange an appointment with the counselors. Parents and teachers may also wish to consult with the counselors concerning a student's academic or family issues.

Kansas Career Pipeline:
All of our middle school students have begun their career exploration process. Each grade level takes a personal inventory. Sixth grade assesses Interests, seventh grade looks at Skills and eighth grade considers Values. By the end of 8th grade our goal is to have all students complete with all three categories. Kansas Career Pipeline then offers lots of information about occupations, educational plans, and career clusters to help students start developing a “plan” to prepare them for high school and eventually graduation.
The goal of the program is to match students with occupations that not only interest them, but are also rewarding based on their individual results. If you would like to view your student’s results, have your student log on to They will then enter their passwords and can show you the outcomes of their assessments. It is a fun, interactive website, and it’s a great place for parents and students to work together to look at future goals.

Test Out Policy:
The Board of Education recognizes that some students may progress more rapidly than others and that some students may possess the knowledge taught or learned in some classes or grades. Therefore, the following policy sets forth the requirements a student must meet in order to receive credit for a course by a test out procedure.
1. In order for a student to be eligible for a test out, he/she must meet the following academic standards:
a. 90% in the most recently completed course in the subject area they are attempting a test out
b. 95 percentile on a nationally normed test
c. Scored exemplary on the most recent subject area state assessment
2. The student must submit to the building counselor a request in writing to test out prior to April 15

This is a simple explanation of the test policy for middle school and/or about to be middle school students, for more information please contact the counselors office at 322-4826.
How to help your child be successful:
Parents of middle school students can help their child be successful by following a few basic tips and strategies. It’s up to all of us to work together to help our children become successful adults.
1) Focus on learning. Middle school usually offers more classes and options for classes. Take classes that spark an interest. Get involved in clubs that relate to interests.
2) Find friends with similar interests. It's not necessary to worry about popularity. The best way to ensure happiness is to find friends who like the same things and are fun to be around. Having great friends makes middle school less something to survive and more a fun experience.
3) Study hard. Middle school is a building block for high school. Everything learned in middle school is used in the next level. Make sure to understand concepts well, so as not to have problems in subjects later. Ask teachers for assistance if something seems too hard.
4) Ignore others who are negative. Other kids who bully or make fun of people are just insecure themselves. Tell parents or teachers if another kid is verbally or physically harassing.
5) Remember, it doesn't last forever. Soon enough, high school will come around, and things change when kids get to high school. Three years will be over quickly, and then it's on to high school.
  • Grading System

    Students receive four grade reports during the year, one every nine weeks. The interpretation of the letter grades is as follows:
    A — work is outstanding and superior
    B — work is above average in quality
    C — work is average in quality
    D — work is below average and barely meets requirements
    F — work cannot be counted as meeting the requirements for passing
    P — completing course satisfactorily
    U — unsatisfactory work

    Progress Reports: At the mid-point of each marking period, teachers send out progress reports to parents of students whose work is not satisfactory. Parents have access to their students progress at any time via PowerSchool.