The mission of El Dorado High School Extend program is to train students to serve, learn, and live in the 21st Century.
Extend will provide new and increased learning opportunities for students in areas of special interest through the Career Cluster offerings.  Because the school curriculum will be focused on project-based, real-world applications, students will be able to explore interest areas with relevance.  The reliance on community partnerships and internships will lend further relevance.  The Career Clusters are more specialized than a typical work-study program.  Instructors will work with community partners to create projects coinciding with the Career Cluster and set individual goals for each student.
Extend will provide divergent learning links for secondary level students. Major themes include: Train to Serve, Serve to Learn, and Learn for Living. A student’s educational program will embrace a combination of choice from packets, virtual course work, “bursts” (teacher led units), and EHS performance electives. As a part of the program, all students will participate in three levels of Task Force training. This will include interpersonal, citizenship, and social skills development. Growth will occur through group, individual, and independent practices. Students will be attracted to Extend because it offers curriculum delivery choices, flexible schedule, and a nontraditional structure.