Mr. Chad SchuetzPrincipal
Mrs. DeDe Pierce, Assistant Principal

Mission Statement:

We, the educational community of Blackmore Elementary, will participate in providing quality education to improve academic achievement of students in a positive and secure environment.

Blackmore Expectations = Prepared, Respectful, On Time & Safe :
Blackmore students are focusing on being P.R.O.S. with Attitude, Behavior and Character being a foundation for the learning environment. Expectations are being taught on a daily basis to assist students in understanding appropriate behavior for a safe and respectful learning environment. We encourage you to discuss the need for the following behavior expectations:

    Hallway                Lunchroom                         Bathroom                    Recess Expectations:

    Move Quietly        Quiet when asked                Wash your hands         Respect others
    Walk                    Raise hand for permission    Take care of yourself    Good sportsmanship
    Body to yourself   Appropriate volume             Be timely                    Play Safe