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Steps for Success
Steps for Success

Steps for Success Program Information

Steps for Success is a program funded by Community Partners that provides new shoes for students who might not be able to afford them.

Any student enrolled in grades PreK-12 in a public school in El Dorado may be referred for a new pair of shoes through
an online fillable form that is forwarded to the school counselor’s office or through a paper form available in each school
office and counseling office.

Click here to download a fillable referral form.

Referrals may be made by a school staff member, parent, or a self-referral by the student. When a referral is received, counselors will contact parents to inform them about the program and let them know their child is eligible and will be allowed to select a pair of shoes.

A refusal does not preclude the student from being identified the following semester or in future years of the offer for free shoes.

A foot measuring device will be available in each counselor’s office to assist in selecting the appropriate size. Students
will select their shoes online. Shoes will be shipped to the school and will be distributed to the student by the counselor.

Should an additional referral be received for a student who has already received shoes through the program during the
same school year, the counselor will review the request and make a determination based upon a number of factors.

These factors include, but are not limited to: financial need, growth rate, student engagement, special circumstance, and fund availability.

Please send completed referral forms to the student's school counselor.

Chelsea Sampoll: cmsampoll@eldoradoschools.org
Julie Balderas: jebalderas@eldoradoschools.org

Les Limon: llimon@eldoradoschools.org
Kelly Payé: kpaye@eldoradoschools.org

Christie Henderson: cmhenderson@eldoradoschools.org

Linda Johnson: lijohnson@eldoradoschools.org

Jan Weber: jweber@eldoradoschools.org