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Performing Arts Center
Performing Arts Center
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District Performing Arts Center

The former middle school has been converted into a District Performing Arts Center. The auditorium received new lighting, sound and restrooms. The gym was converted into a pocket theater and backstage support for the main auditorium. The former locker rooms became dressing rooms.

The former tech lab was converted into classroom space for Extend, the high school's alternative program.

September 1, 2017

On September 8, crews began relocating trees in preparation for the renovations. Five trees will remain in their current location, and five trees will be moved to a different location on the site.

The donated bricks in the flag plaza will be carefully removed and placed in a display wall in the new courtyard.

Performing Arts Construction 2

October 13, 2017

On September 9, USD 490 Board of Education members toured the Performing Arts Center construction site.

Demolition has begun on the instructional wing that will be removed. The roof replacement is well underway and the gym roof is completed.

They have begun constructing the wall of the pocket theater in the gym and are installing plumbing in the Extend classroom area.

The decorative pieces on the exterior of the building are being removed to be re-purposed. The front staircase leading to the auditorium had begun to deteriorate, so it has been removed and a new one is being installed.

The construction team is also tuck-pointing all of the brick work. This simply means that they are checking the mortar around all of the bricks and fixing it where it has become weathered or loose.

PAC pocket theater

November 7, 2017

USD 490 directors toured the Performing Arts Center on November 7.

Chad Duling is the Site Superintendent and Beau Berry is the Project Coordinator.

The classroom wing is prepared for demolition, which will begin the week of November 13.

They are framing the walls of the pocket theater in the former gym. The dressing rooms will be located in the former locker rooms and will be accessible by both the pocket theater and main auditorium.

Some of the former gym seating will be converted into storage space for props and costumes.

In the main auditorium, the seats on the main floor have all been temporarily removed to allow construction crews to add a new sound booth and lay carpet. The auditorium will also receive new lighting.

The auditorium is expected to seat around 800 people after the renovation.

After the classroom wing is removed, a new entrance will be added to the south east side of the building. There will be an event office located inside the new entry. Restrooms will be next to the event office and will be installed on the second and third floors as well.

Part of the former lunch room will be converted into a community room.

On the second floor, a rehearsal space will be located across from the restrooms. While most of the room will receive new sheet rock, one wall will feature the original exposed bricks.

The Extend classroom space will have its own entrance on the northeast side of the building. They will have their own restrooms, laundry service area, and lunchroom.

Performing Arts demo prep

January 2018

Crews have completed the pouring of dressing room, back stage, and auditorium service channel flooring. The stage to back-stage opening is cut, welded and ready for track and door. The interior access stairway to new Extend classroom is sealed. Curbs and islands for parking and parking lighting are being poured this week. Footings for the new exterior and community room walls are being poured also. We’ve also been given a watering plan for the relocated trees.

March 2018

Shoring has begun for the exterior walls that still remain to be constructed and bricked. The hallway and "reopening" of original windows along the East facing walls has been completed. The original building had these windows but they were blocked in when the cafeteria addition was built. New dressing rooms (former locker rooms) have been painted and floor finish applied. Base asphalt has been applied to parking. Extend campus is ready for floor finishes.

September 16, 2018

The building was officially rededicated as the USD 490 Performing Arts Center during a show that featured student musical groups and highlighted the building's history.