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Grant Application & Forms
Grant Application & Forms

General Instruction for PIE Grants submission:

We have made the applications available in PDF fillable and MS Word formats. You may choose which one works for you. You may submit them to Rod Blackburn at the Central Office via e-mail or interoffice mail.

The deadline for submission is 5:00 PM on September 28, 2020, (Fall requests), and January 29, 2021, (Spring requests). Early submission is encouraged since once submitted, they are scanned and available for on-line scoring by our allocations and Cantrell committees. We no longer wait until all are received to score them.

What applications score best and why are some requests funded in one cycle, then not funded on another? Great questions and there are various reasons.

  • A well-organized application will typically score higher. Our committee may look at over 20 applications, so for them
    to have to organize it for review, just takes time.
  • If submitting via e-mail, organize all the information together in one pdf file instead of just attaching multiple files,
    pictures, etc.
  • Consider this a professional request. Some of our evaluators are retired instructors, so an unprofessional application
    with grammatical errors leads to a lower score.
  • PIE has limited allocations available for grants. We try to stretch these funds to make an impact on as many students
    as we can. Our original intent for grants was funding innovative curriculum or teaching methods. But we have
    expanded to supplies that teachers were digging into their own pocket for, as well as countless other items,
    equipment, furniture, etc. So, few things are out of the question, they may score lower and still get funded, WHEN
  • ALL the requests are reviewed by the USD 490 administration before PIE does its final selection. The admin may
    decide to fund them as part of their responsibility; reject them for a curriculum conflict, a policy conflict, or to keep
    equipment equality between building, etc.

For those interested in applying for a School Grant, please click on one of the following links to download an application form.

School Grant Application Form-PDF

School Grant Application Form-DOC

Cantrell Special Education Grant Application Form-PDF

Cantrell Special Education Grant Application Form-DOC

Then turn in the application form to Rod Blackburn. DO NOT USE STAPLES. Please note the deadlines on the form are September 28, 2020 for Fall requests, and January 29, 2021, for Spring requests.

Click here for the Grant Evaluation Form.

Click here for the Mrs. Banks' Closet Guidelines.

Click here for the Mrs. Banks' Closet Voucher.

Click here for the Staff Donor Card.