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News and Headlines
News and Headlines
USD 490 students win Champion and Second Runner-up at county spelling bee

Gretchen Raple, a fifth grade student at Blackmore Elementary, was named the Champion at the Butler County Spelling Bee held at Butler Community College on February 7. EMS seventh grader Kareena Bhakta won Second Runner-up.

The county spelling bee lasted 11 rounds, then Gretchen was given the championship word nuance. Words she spelled correctly in the previous rounds included: burlap, barograph, vortices, sword, calzone, balderdash, fabulist, deodorant, marsupial, bohemian, and insignia.

Kareena Bhakta, who won first runner-up during last year's county spelling bee, correctly spelled: plumbing, juncture, verandas, bristle, manifesto, mangrove, pilferer, duopoly, gauntlet, cohesive, rudiment, and attributive.

Grandview's Tajah Tuder successfully completed the first two rounds, spelling hunky-dory and barrier correctly.

Skelly's Rhonnie Lucas also lasted until round three. He spelled caroling and trifecta correctly.

Gretchen will advance to the regional spelling bee at Newman University in Wichita on March 21. Kareena will serve as a second alternate.

county spelling bee champs
L-R: Kareena Bhakta (EMS)- Second Runner-up, Gretchen Raple (Blackmore)- Champion, Vedansh Mudel (Andover)- First Runner-up