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News and Headlines
News and Headlines
USD 490 selects 2020 Kansas Horizon Award nominees

USD 490 selected Special Education sixth grade Interrelated Teacher Kacie Johnson and Blackmore Elementary Music Teacher Chy Billings as the district's 2020 Kansas Horizon Award nominees.

The Kansas Horizon Award Program is sponsored by the Kansas State Department of Education and is designed to identify and recognize exemplary first-year teachers.

Nominees must have successfully completed their first year of teaching, be a full-time classroom teacher, be responsible for daily educational tasks such as assigning grades and preparing lesson plans, and perform in a way that distinguishes them from other novice teachers.

Johnson and Billings were nominated by their respective building principals for demonstrating outstanding qualities during their first year of teaching.

The nominees will compete against up to 32 other educators in our region for eight Horizon Awards. The nomination process includes essays written by the nominee describing their instructional strategies and offering advice for other first-year instructors, as well as essays from administrators outlining why they feel the nominee deserves the honor of being recognized as a Horizon Award winner.

Award winners will be announced in December 2019 or January 2020, and will be recognized at the annual Kansas Exemplary Educators Network (KEEN) conference in Topeka on February 14, 2020.

Kacie Johnson Horizon nominee
Kacie Johnson-SPED Sixth Grade Interrelated Teacher at EMS

Chy Billings Horizon Nominee
Chy Billings- Music Teacher at Blackmore Elementary