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News and Headlines
News and Headlines
USD 490 safety committee sponsors anti-bullying poster contest

The USD 490 Safety Wildly Important Goal (WIG) group sponsored an anti-bullying poster contest during anti-bullying week November 12-16.

The winners of the contest were announced on December 6. A first place winner and two or three Honorable Mentions were awarded to EHS, EMS, and the elementary schools. The prize for first place was a $25 gift card to Walmart and students who received Honorable Mention won some school swag.

The purpose of the contest was to raise awareness of bullying, encourage students to be kind to one another, and make sure they know how to report bullying.

At EHS, Kira Schafer won first place. Ethan O'Brien, Kara McLaren, and Nalea Payton received Honorable Mention.

EHS anti bullying poster winners
L-R: Kira Schafer, Kara McLaren, Nalea Payton, Ethan O'Brien

At EMS, Aysha Nkrumbih won first place. Jeffrey Hamm and Kaitlynn Perrill received Honorable Mention.

EMS anti bullying poster winners
L-R: Aysha Nkrumbih, Jeffrey Hamm, Kaitlynn Perrill

At the elementary level, Taylor Meinen (Grandivew) won first place. Amanda Grace Frye (Blackmore), Carly Carter (Grandview), and Lillian Hamlin-Mefford (Grandview) received Honorable Mention.

GE anti bullying poster winners
L-R: Lillian Hamlin-Mefford, Taylor Meinen, Carly Carter

BE anti bullying poster winners
Amanda Grace Frye