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USD 490 families raise over $3,300 for United Way
USD 490 schools raise money for United Way

USD 490 schools participated in Pennies by the Pound, Change for Change, and Pennies by the Inch and raised over $3,300 for United Way of El Dorado.

The elementary schools' Pennies by the Pound campaign took place October 28 through November 1. Their combined total of pounds collected was 690, which totaled over $1,300. The class at each school who collected the most pennies received a pizza party from United Way. Mrs. Cogan's class was the Grandview winner. Mrs. Hubbard's class won at Blackmore. Mrs. Lee's class was the Skelly winner.

El Dorado High School students collected change for Pennies by the Inch from October 28 through October 31. On November 1, the classes strung lines of tape throughout the hallways to see which grade level would have the longest line of pennies. The Junior class took first place, followed by the Sophomores, then Seniors, and finally the Freshmen. They raised $917.78 total.

El Dorado Middle School students participated in Change for Change November 4-8. Each day, there was an incentive for students to bring in a particular type of change. Overall, they raised $1,115.02. Each grade level competed to see which class could raise the most money and the top classroom from each grade level received a pizza party. In the sixth grade hall, Mrs. Greenwell's class won. Mrs. Reeves' class was the seventh grade winner, and Mr. Luehrs' class won in the eighth grade hall.

The money will go toward funding local programs through the United Way.

Pennies by the Inch 2019
Pennies by the Inch at EHS