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News and Headlines
News and Headlines
USD 490 SRO co-hosts state K9 training

School Resource Officer Tyson Nielsen co-hosted the state Police K9 training with Andover’s K9 Officer Sergeant Mickey Farris October 24-26.

After a brief welcome in the Performing Arts Center community room, officers visited several pre-determined locations in El Dorado that allowed them to work on specific skills with their dogs.

There were five sites staged for narcotics searches and one site staged for a tracking area. Each station was monitored by fellow law enforcement and K9 trainers guided teams through each site.

“It’s nice to train in a group and learn from those with more, or different, experience,” Andover Patrol Officer Joel McLaughlin said.

This year’s group was the largest to date, nearly 30 officers attended with their furry partners.

Bruce Lee police K9