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News and Headlines
News and Headlines
Therapy dog joins Blackmore staff

Blackmore is adding a four-legged friend to their staff for the 2019-2020 school year. Sam is a four-year-old Burnese Mountain Dog, who will visit the school three days each week with Counselor Christie Henderson to serve as a therapy dog.

Mrs. Henderson adopted Sam when his previous owners moved and needed to re-home him.

“He has the sweetest, most gentle temperament ever,” Henderson said.

Henderson and Sam began working with Love On A Leash and the Wichita Kennel Club to obtain official therapy dog certification.

Sam will greet students in the morning, visit classrooms, and provide comfort for staff and students while at school. Sam loves to be read to and knows how to shake and give high fives.

Henderson plans to review attendance data to determine which days Sam will visit the school. She hopes to incentivize students to come to school each day, and arrive on time, by allowing them to have a special task related to Sam’s care.

“Giving them responsibility allows them to feel like a part of Sam’s life,” Henderson said. “I’m looking forward to providing students with a chance to experience the unconditional love and acceptance that only animals can provide.”

Sam began working August 21, providing staff and students a chance to acclimate to the new school year before making his debut.

Sam the Therapy Dog