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News and Headlines
News and Headlines
Skelly students participate in Poetry Cafe

Second through fifth grade students at Skelly Elementary recited poems in the annual Poetry Café on March 6.

Students had the choice of reading a poem they wrote themselves, or choosing one from another poet.

The classroom was decorated with white lights and electric tea light candles, creating a cozy atmosphere for the poetry readings. Classes visited the Poetry Café one at a time and students were reminded of proper audience etiquette before their peers began to recite their poems.

Student performances were evaluated by Title I Teacher Kelly Clennan and Speech Pathologist Kate Hadley. The judges used rubrics to provide feedback on posture, eye contact, fluency, phrasing, tone, volume and pitch, clear speaking, and enthusiasm.

The verbal recitation and subsequent feedback helps students learn basic public speaking skills, encourages self-confidence, and ties into the poetry section of their Language Arts curriculum.

2020 Poetry Cafe
A third grade student recites her favorite poem.