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News and Headlines
News and Headlines
Helpful Hints for enrollment
USD 490 enrollment errors

Just a couple of helpful hints for enrollment:

RevTrak's online payment system does not work in Internet Explorer. Please make sure you are using Safari, Firefox, or Chrome to complete online payments. The login for Student Food and Fee Payments is the same as the one you use to enroll your students.

If you are getting an error after the Health page, please check the text boxes for special characters < or >. The system will error out if these are present in any text box. Simply deleting them will allow you to continue with enrollment. If you don't immediately see any text boxes, please click "Yes" and make sure there is not data carried over from last year in one of those boxes. If the info is no longer relevant, simply delete it and then click "No."

If you find yourself getting frustrated, please give us a call at the District Office 316-322-4800. We'd be happy to assist you.