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News and Headlines
News and Headlines
Grandview teacher Debra Smith wins KAKE Golden Apple Award
Grandview teacher Debra Smith receives KAKE Golden Apple award

Grandview Second Grade Teacher Debra Smith won a KAKE Golden Apple award on April 26.

"She is really wonderful and deserves this honor," Katie Banks-Todd, parent of one of Mrs. Smith's students, said.

Since the program began in 2003, KAKE's Golden Apple award has highlighted more than 500 local educators for the creative ways they support, motivate and encourage a lifetime of learning, both inside and outside of the classroom.

"Her personality shines above all else. Always going the extra mile no matter the theme," Kristi Knapp, another parent, said.

Smith has taught in USD 490 for 30 years. Parents and students describe her as a caring advocate who loves her students. She will be greatly missed by families and staff alike when she retires at the end of the school year.

"She’s in her final year of teaching but she brings the excitement of learning to her students that you expect from a first year teacher," Knapp said.

In addition to being featured on the news, Smith will receive school supplies and a trophy to commemorate the award.

To learn more about the Golden Apple program or view the newscast announcing Mrs. Smith as a Golden Apple winner, please visit KAKE's website: https://www.kake.com/golden-apple

Debra Smith