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News and Headlines
News and Headlines
Grandview students have art displayed in Coutts Museum of Art
Grandivew students have art on display in local art museum

By Ira Bane, Elementary Art Teacher

Boston Avery (5th grade) and Avery Remsberg (4th grade) had their art showcased at Coutts Museum of Art in El Dorado for the month of March.

Both artworks are acrylic paintings. Boston’s is on a stretched canvas, and Avery’s is on painting paper. Their paintings were completed outside of school. They are working on another painting project that is a 6 day in-class project, that will be finished soon.

Karissa Haubenstein (4th grade) and Kecher Baker (3rd grade) will join Boston and Avery to be showcased at the USD 490 district wide art show at the end of the school year (dates TBD) and the BlickArt Supply statewide art show. Kecher’s drawing is an optical illusion based on an art project done in class early in the first semester of school. Karissa’s is an acrylic painting on painting paper.

Please join us in congratulating and appreciating the amazing skills, hard work, and creativity that these artists embody.

There will be more students chosen to showcase their art at the district wide art show as their painting and pottery projects are completed. Support local art and artists!

GE Art students