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News and Headlines
News and Headlines
Grandview fifth grade students learn through exploration
Grandview fifth grade students enjoyed a mini petting zoo as a behavior incentive.

Mrs. Wessel's fifth grade class at Grandview Elementary attended a mini petting zoo on September 12.

Students in Mrs. Wessel's class earn marbles for a class marble jar by exhibiting positive behaviors. They were able to fill the jar and earn an hour of doing something fun.They chose 30 minutes of dodgeball and 30 minutes of a petting zoo.

For the petting zoo, parents brought their family pets. There were snakes, a gecko, a horse, and several cats and dogs.

Students were able to teach their classmates about their pet. They answered questions about what kind of care their pets require, whether or not they are playful, and their favorite thing about their pet.

Students could hold, pet and interact with each animal, and the pets seemed to love the attention.

Grandview students enjoy a mini petting zoo