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Former Extend student visits with current students about US Army
A former EHS Extend student, Private Stephen Kurnes, visited with current students about joining the U.S. Army on December 17.

Staff Sergeant Noffsinger introduced Kurnes to the students.

"This could be any one of you," Noffsinger said. "He was a student just like you last year, and now he is getting paid to come speak to you all."

Noffsinger is a full-time recruiter for the U.S. Army. Kurnes is a reservist, meaning he works for the Army on the weekends, but is able to go to school at K-State full-time during the week.

Kurnes was a JAG-K student, he signed up for the Army reserves after graduation. He spent 10 weeks at basic training in South Carolina before being sent to AIT for an additional eight weeks of training.

One student asked if basic training was scary. Kurnes replied that it was tiring, especially when you first arrive, but it was not scary. He described the intense physical exercise and the importance of following the rules during training. He recalled one training officer's words of encouragement.

"He told us everything would get better, to just push through," Kurnes said. "It did get better eventually."

Kurnes plans to complete the first three years of his Bachelor's degree on the Kansas State University campus before completing his final year online.