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News and Headlines
News and Headlines
Elementary students compete in spelling bees
Elementary spelling bee winners

USD 490 elementary school students competed in school-wide spelling bees on January 9.

Each year, classrooms have mini spelling bees to select their top two spellers who compete in a school spelling bee. Winners of the school bees continue to the county spelling be hosted at Butler Community College.

After 11 rounds at Blackmore Elementary, Gretchen Raple correctly spelled the championship word blustery to secure first place. Conner Scholes earned second place.

Blackmore spellers 2020
Conner Scholes and Gretchen Raple

The Grandview spelling bee also lasted 11 rounds. Tajah Tuder correctly spelled pruners and won first place. Noah McLaren earned second place.

Grandview spellers 2020
Tajah Tuder and Noah McLaren

Skelly's spelling bee lasted six rounds. Rhonnie Lucas placed first for correctly spelling vacancy. Cason Dennis earned second place.

Skelly spellers 2020
Rhonnie Lucas and Cason Dennis

All first place winners will represent their respective schools during the county spelling bee at Butler Community College at on February 7. The bee will begin at 1:00 p.m.