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News and Headlines
News and Headlines
EMS track students place at league meet
EMS track students rank at league meet

El Dorado Middle School track students placed at the Patriot League meet on May 11.

Overall, the eighth grade boys and girls teams placed third and twenty-seven students set personal records. Individual placers are listed below.

Seventh Grade Girls

  • Kelci Stewart- 5th in discus
  • Lilly Hamlin, Addison Hull, Allison Zogleman, and Jenna Hadley- 5th in 4 x 200 relay

Eighth Grade Girls

  • Kegan Motter- 1st in 200 hurdles; 2nd in long jump; 2nd in 4 x 400 relay; 5th in 1600
  • Aysha Nkrumbih- 2nd in discus; 3rd in shot put
  • Addison Allar- 2nd in shot put; 4th in discus
  • Quinn Sundgren- 2nd in 4 x 400 relay; 4th in long jump; 5th in 200 hurdles; 6th in 100
  • Brynn Liess- 2nd in 4 x 400 relay; 4th in 800, 4th in 1600
  • Briley Larcom- 2nd in 4 x 400 relay
  • Madison Van Auken- 4th in 100 high hurdles
  • Kristin Morris- 5th in 4 x 100 relay; 6th in shot put
  • Isabella Baca- 5th in 4 x 100 relay
  • Taylor Denny- 5th in 4 x 100 relay
  • Anna Hawthorne- 5th in 4 x 100 relay
  • Koda Emler- 6th in 200 hurdles

Eighth Grade Boys

  • Bronson Larimer- 1st in discus; 1st in shot put
  • Trevion Franklin- 1st in 100; 1st in 200; 2nd in 1600 medley relay
  • Braxton Crank- 2nd in 1600 medley relay; 2nd in 400; 3rd in long jump; 3rd in 200
  • Michael Dillner- 2nd in 1600 medley relay; 6th in 3200
  • Thomas Dillner- 2nd in 1600 medley relay; 6th in 1600
  • Dylan Davis- 2nd in 1600; 2nd in high jump; 5th in 800
  • Jackson Lea- 5th in shot put

There were also several students who made it on the EMS Track Honor Roll, which means they finished among the top ten in the history of the school.

  • Brynn Liess- 4th in 3200
  • Kegan Motter- 9th in 100 hurdles
  • Trevion Franklin- tied for 8th place in 100; tied for 4th in 200
  • Michael Dillner- 9th in 3200
  • Bronson Larimer- 3rd in shot put (His dad holds the record for 2nd in shot put.)