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News and Headlines
News and Headlines
EMS drama students perform "The Lion King Jr."
EMS drama students performed The Lion King Jr. in the Performing Arts Center on November 16 and 17.

Students transported the audience to the African safari as they brought the beloved Disney classic to life. Young Simba, played by Dylan Farley, is tricked by his nefarious uncle Scar, played by Makhaila Tillman, into running away from the Pride Lands.

In the jungle, Simba meets Timon, played by Tanner Price, and Pumbaa, played by Jacob Bowlin, whom he lives with until reaching adulthood.

When Simba, played by Tre Burns, chances upon Nala, played by Grace Gomez, she describes the dreadful living conditions in the Pride Lands since Mufasa's (Taylor Crawford) death. When Simba disappeared, Scar claimed the throne and allowed over-hunting to deplete the food supply.

Thanks to some interference by Rafiki, played by Niomi Ndirangu, Simba decides to return to his beloved home on Pride Rock and help restore the natural order to the once-beautiful safari by claiming his rightful place as king and banishing his uncle and the hyenas.

Other cast members included: Abby Hutchins (Sarabi), Annabelle Wise (Zazu), Tera McCarthy (Young Nala), Rubi Giffin (Sarafina), Evan Liess (Shenzi), Jack Christy (Banzai), Aidan Mays (Ed), Lionesses: Avery Ash, Avery Baker, Kaylee Gilchrist, Kayleigh Morris, Lyndsey Sullivan, Abby Vail, Alicia Voyles, Piper Wise, Ensemble: Addison Allar, Logan Clark, Chloe Gardner, Keylee Hamilton, Kailynn Johnson, Briley Larcom, Brynn Liess, Angelina Loyd, Makenzie Marshall, Ayden Miner, Kristin Morris, Aiden Olson, Mackenzie Powers, Seanna Repstine, Maya Robinson, and Trenton Todd.