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News and Headlines
News and Headlines
EMS Scholar's Bowl teams place at league tournament
EMS Scholar's Bowl team places at league

The El Dorado Middle School Scholar's Bowl teams competed in the Patriot League tournament in Benton on February 4.

The seventh grade team placed second and the eighth grade team placed third. Both teams competed against four other schools.

seventh grade scholars bowl
L-R: Mrs. Linda Barker, Mikaela Hall, Sophia Beggs, Zayne Dunn, Makenzie Marshall, Peyton Heilman, Aiden Olson

eighth grade scholars bowl
Back Row (L-R): Malty Martin, Caleb Chastain, Keylee Faudere, Cheyenne Jones, Mrs. Linda Barker
Front Row (L-R): James Stine, Micol Maughn, Quinn Housemann