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News and Headlines
News and Headlines
EHS students rewarded for seatbelt use in Buck for Buckles

Drivers who wore their seat belts while driving to EHS on September 10 received a dollar during the Bucks for Buckles program.

Valerie Bean State Farm Insurance, Safe Kids, and the EHS Student Safety Council partnered to reward safe drivers with a dollar if everyone in the vehicle wore a seat belt.

“We usually run in the 90 percent range for students wearing their seat belts,” SRO Kurt Spivey said.

This is the fourth year Valerie Bean’s State Farm office has sponsored the event.

Officer Spivey and Valerie Bean worked with EHS Student Safety Council members Kalee Clark and Kylee Walker to hand out cash and information cards with seat belt facts in the west parking lot while School Resource Officer Tyson Nielsen and EHS Student Safety Council member Kinley Nielsen rewarded safe drivers in the east parking lot.

“It reinforces good, safe, important behavior,” Bean said. A total of $125 was awarded between the two parking lots.

According to KDOT, there were 381 motor vehicle crash fatalities in Kansas in 2016. Of those who were killed, nearly 55 percent were found to be unbelted.

On July 1, 2017, the Kansas seat belt fine raised to $30.

Bucks for Buckles photo
Kalee Clark rewards a driver with $1 for wearing a seat belt.