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News and Headlines
News and Headlines
EHS students participate in Market Day
EHS students participate in Market Day.

Business students at El Dorado High School participated in a Market Day on May 4.

Students Mr. Lehecka's Entrepreneurship class designed and pitched a small business model that combined a loan program with a pop-up market.

"Basically, the students get the opportunity to run their own little business and make money," Lehecka said.

Students decide whether to jump right in to sales, or implement a marketing plan to engage potential customers. The project allows them to experience economic concepts they have learned about in class in a real life scenario, whether they make a profit or not.

"The most valuable lessons can come from a student's failure or their false assumptions," Lehecka said.

Students ran their businesses in the EHS commons and gymnasium during lunch on Market Day, and used a variety of strategies to try to earn a profit.

Cayden Gilbert sold soda and juice pouches. Regan Lattey and Halee Payton partnered to facilitate a cornhole tournament that awarded prizes. Avery Parsley sold hand-crafted jewelry with crystal pendants. Beth Westfall sold sauces to accompany school lunch. A couple of non-entrepreneurship students assisted with a 50/50 raffle in which one winner is drawn to win half of all the money collected for the raffle.