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News and Headlines
News and Headlines
EHS drama students perform "Bye Bye, Birdie"
EHS drama students performed Bye Bye, Birdie in the EHS auditorium November 9-11.

Students transported the audience back to 1958, where rock-and-roll heartthrob Conrad Birdie, played by Jarrod Jones, has just been drafted into the US Army. His agent, Albert Peterson played by Josh Staats, wonders how he's going to keep his business Almaelou Records from going out of business without his main star.

Albert's secretary and sometimes girlfriend Rose Alvarez, played by Emma King, plans a farewell performance on the Ed Sullivan show that will feature Conrad Birdie singing Albert's new song "One Last Kiss" with his fan club in Sweet Apple, Ohio dancing in the background. For the grand finale, she arranges for Conrad to kiss the leader of the fan club Kim MacAfee, played by Gwen Crank. The gig should bring in enough publicity to save the company.

The event does not go as smoothly as planned. Kim's new steady Hugo Peabody, played by Hudson Vaught, becomes jealous when he finds out Conrad plans to kiss Kim. When Kim's father, Mr. Harry MacAfee played by David Williams, finds out they are going to be on the Ed Sullivan show, he becomes starstruck and causes further complications for Albert. To make matters worse, Albert's overbearing mother, Mrs. Mae Peterson played by Abby Chapman, allows Conrad to leave the house the night before the show and he winds up in the ice house with Kim MacAfee.

Eventually, Albert finds his back bone and stands up to his mother, proposes to Rose, and decides to forget show business and become a teacher.

The students did a phenomenal job delivering the comedic lines and performing the songs. Other cast members included: Teagan Jellison, Kaylee Yordy, Trip Baker, Hailey Harp Nelson, McKenna Garman, Rachel Taylor, Tia Butcher, Annie Whitmer, Katie Penner, Bailey Camien, David Staats, Louie Tipton, Cooper Crawford, Jesse Garrett, Karly Faudere, Payton Belair, Kenzie Weber, Ellie Tharp, Kira Schafer, Alexis Mantanona, Mackenzie Kenney, Breklyn Craig, Jamie Clark, Chris Florez, Leenah Al Turki, William Gomez, Ellie Reynolds, Jesse Garrett, Emma Doughty, and Nellie McClain.

Lighting, sound, and sets were run by the stage crew of Eli Wonsetler, Abigail Drouhard, Emily Crank, Hallie Harber, Geneva Jensen, Seth Klayson, Ashlyn Luna, Breckin Olson, Holton Silcott, Madisyn Tipton, and Nate Walker.

In the orchestra, Zach Neumann played the piano, EHS graduate Katalina Campos played the bass, and Blackmore para Wade Burtchet played the drums.

The play was directed by Katie Banks-Todd and the music was directed by EHS/EMS vocal music instructor Alex Piazza.