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Butler County EMS helps teach EHS students hands-only CPR
Butler County EMS helped teach EHS health students the proper way to perform hands-only CPR on December 12 and 13.

The new state standards require all class of 2022 graduates and beyond to learn hands-only CPR in high school. EHS was fortunate enough to receive a hands-only CPR kit from the Kansas Heart Foundation in August of 2017. The kit included lesson plans, mannequins, and other necessary equipment to learn hands-only CPR.

Stuart Funk with Butler County EMS taught students how to place the AED pads and use an AED machine as well as how to efficiently trade positions when performing CPR to prevent fatigue.

Funk described the process of calling 911, placing the AED pads, and the procedure for beginning hands-only CPR if they encounter an unresponsive person who isn't breathing.

Each student performed CPR compressions for five minutes as part of the curriculum.

Mrs. Ankrom, EHS Health teacher, also taught students about the Good Samaritan law and made sure students knew the location of AED machines in the high school.