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Employment Benefits
Employment Benefits
El Dorado Public Schools Employment Benefits

Teacher certification
All teachers in the El Dorado Public Schools are required to be certified teachers of the State of Kansas. Information regarding certification may be obtained from the Kansas State Department of Education in Topeka, Kansas at (785) 296-6712. The address for the State Department of Education is 120 S.E. 10th Avenue, Topeka, Kansas 66612. To be connected to their web site, please go to http://www.ksde.org.

El Dorado Public School teachers are provided with a variety of benefits. A summary of benefits for the teaching employees of the El Dorado Public Schools follows:

Employee liability insurance:
Liability insurance is carried on professional employees.

Health insurance:
The board pays $450 per month toward the purchase of any district health insurance plan (benefit pro-rated for less than 1.0 FTE). Additional options are available to benefit eligible employees.

Kansas Public Employment Retirement System (KPERS):
The Kansas State Department of Education requires employees to participate in the state's retirement program. The state of Kansas provides employees with a statement each year which summarizes contributions and other pertinent information.

Personal leave:
A maximum of two days per year may be used at the discretion of each teacher for the conduct of personal business which cannot be conducted during hours when school is not in session. Teachers will be allowed a third personal day each year provided they reimburse the district for one day of substitute salary or they have carried one over from the previous year.

Other leaves:
Additional leaves are available for legal leave, adoption leave, funeral leave, association leave and professional leave.

Social Security:
All school district employees are covered by the Federal Social Security Act. A required percentage of their salary is deducted to pay their portion of this protection and the school district matches their deductions dollar for dollar. The plan, as provided by the federal government, is designed for employees' future security and that of their dependents by providing retirement, disability and death benefits.

Tax-sheltered annuities:
School district employees are entitled to participate in approved tax-sheltered annuity programs.

Sick leave:
Professional employees receive 10 sick leave days each year. Sick leave days not used during the year may be accumulated for future years up to ninety-five (95) days.

Mutual Extraordinary leave:
Employees may request an extended leave due to dread diseases or catastrophic and life-threatening accidents or illnesses. A pool of temporary leave days has been created for the Board of Education to approve additional temporary leave days up to 25 days in the event of unusual circumstances which exceed the employee's available number of sick leave days.

Worker's compensation:
The school district carries insurance to cover the cost of work-incurred injury or illness. Benefits help pay for medical treatment and part of any income they may lose while recovering.