EMS Sports

Pioneer League Website

The Pioneer League has created a league website that can be used to keep track of every league schools schedules, records, and division standings.  Please check out the website at www.pioneerleague.org, and keep up to date on what is happening in the Pioneer League.

Pioneer League Admission Charges and Rules

All students K - 12 will be charged $3.00 to enter a game, unless they have purchased a season pass through the high school or central office. Adults will be charged $4.00, unless they have purchased a season pass through the high school or central office. A stamp will be available if you wish to leave and go from one athletic event to another. Students who leave will not be readmitted. No bicycles or skateboards allowed.

Interscholastic Sports
Seventh and eighth grade boys and girls in El Dorado Middle School are permitted to participate in the Interscholastic Athletic Program. The programs include 7th and 8th grade cross country, football, volleyball, wrestling, basketball, track, cheerleading, and tennis.

Physical Examinations
Before any 7th or 8th grade student may participate for any interscholastic sport or participate in cheerleading, he/she must have a physical examination performed by a medical physician or a chiropractor. The athlete must have a signed statement from the doctor filed with the Director of Middle School Athletics stating that the student is physically fit. The parents and student must also sign an Extracurricular Activity Consent Form and fill out a medial card before the student can participate. Only physicals after May 1, 2015 will be accepted for the 2016-17 School Year.  Athletic Physical Form

Scholarship/Eligibility Rule
An EMS student is considered ineligible if he/she has an F for two consecutive weeks in the same class.  The student will be placed on a probationary list during the first week, and that student will have the opportunity to raise their grade prior to grades being checked for the next week.  If a student brings their grade up to a passing level during the probationary week, they will be eligible to participate the following week.  A student will be considered ineligible if they are failing the same class for the second consecutive week.  If a student is ineligible, the student will not be eligible to participate in any competitions during the following week.  Once they are able to bring their grade up to a passing level, they will then be allowed to participate on an EMS team.
If a student does not pass the required five new classes in a semester, then the student will not be eligible for the next semester. (KSHSAA Rule 13, Article 3 of the KSHSAA Handbook)