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Principal's Note

We are off to a great 2014-2015 school year. We began school by welcoming all 6th graders to the middle school. They were nervous and excited all at the same time. During the day, they discovered those dreaded lockers weren’t as big of a problem as they had imagined and they would be able to learn where all their classes were located. They had a wonderful day and left ready to start day two a little more confident. On day two, we welcomed all students to EMS. The day was spent going over our building expectations and procedures. We are going to have an incredible year!!!


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                                                         —Karla King, Principal
Welcome New Office Staff

Our front office looks a little different this year. Mrs. Kristin Howland joined us in late May last year school year to help cover for Mrs. Okema Fowler while on medical leave. In addition, we celebrated the retirement of our Guidance Secretary, Mrs. Sue Potter. Mrs. Howland has since replaced Mrs. Panitha Nobert as attendance secretary and Mrs. Michelle Botkin joined our team as Guidance Secretary. Mrs. Kacie Johnson is serving as a temp until Mrs. Fowler is able to return. We welcome these ladies to EMS and appreciate your patience as they get acclimated to their new positions.

ID's Required

EMS students are now sporting their student ID’s. This procedure was put in place this school year as a means to develop responsibility and safety of our students. Students are asked to wear their lanyard during the school day. This ID is also used for breakfast, lunch and for getting on their assigned bus. Should a student forget their ID they will have to go to the back of the serving line during lunch time. This eliminates waiting and expedites the serving process.

The Bus Buzz

This school year USD 490 implemented a new bussing process for all students riding busses to and from school. Students are now assigned to a specific bus. There will not be “open seating” as we must know where students are assigned in order to provide safer transport. Both in-town and rural routes will have specific student lists. If a student is riding home with another student for a special occasion, they must present a note to their principal for approval prior to riding an alternate route.

An activity bus is also being provided for students who participate in athletics or activities after school and need a ride to the in-town drop off points. This bus leaves EMS @ 5:25 each day.

Any student riding the bus must have a transportation agreement on file. If forms have not been completed, students could be denied transportation. These forms are located in the EMS office if you haven’t already filled one out for your child. EMS students will also be asked to show their school issued ID’s when entering the bus.


The following bus behavior expectations are presented here as defined by the Kansas Department of Transportation and USD 490. Parents are expected to review these rules with their child. As with any list of expectations, it is not possible to anticipate every type of misbehavior that occurs on buses or at bus stops. These expectations are intended as a guide for students, parents, teachers and administrators to help ensure basic standards of conduct.

A. Be Prompt and Prepared
      1. Be on time for bus
      2. Have all materials
      3. Wait for bus in proper places
B. Respect Authority
      1. Treat the bus driver with respect
      2. Follow directions promptly
      3. The bus driver is in charge
C. Respect the Rights of Others
      1. Be polite
      2. Keep hands and feet to oneself
      3. Keep voice at an appropriate level
      4. No negative comments, threats, harassment, or inappropriate language
D. Treat Bus with Respect
      1. Eating and drinking on the bus is not allowed
      2. Tampering with or vandalizing the bus is not allowed
      3. Animals and insects are not allowed
E. Display a Concern for Safety
      1. Remain seated while the bus is moving
      2. Keep all parts of body inside the bus
      3. Wait for the bus in a safe and orderly manner
      4. Allow driver to concentrate on driving
      5. Students will not open or close doors except in an emergency
      6. Glass containers are not allowed
      7. Keep aisles, doors and emergency exits clear
      8. Buses are equipped with video cameras
F. Follow USD 490 Policy Covering Illegal Substances and Weapons

EMS Celebrates Grandparents

Join Us: Come have ice cream with your grandchild

Date: Friday, September 5, 2014

Where: EMS Gym, 440 E Wildcat Way, El Dorado

Time: 2:30 p.m.

Students will meet grandparents in the gym for a short presentation and then conclude with ice cream in the commons.

8th Grade Students Partner with Rotary and Numana on September 3, 2014

Based in El Dorado, KS, Numana, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity formed in August 2008, as an international hunger relief organization. Since our first event we have packaged over 29 million meals from coast to coast with the help of over 170,000 volunteers. Numana’s mission is to empower people to serve the starving through educational, hands-on food packaging events.

Numana events welcome people from all ages and backgrounds. We believe the event provides a hands on project in which almost any age or skill level can participate. It builds unity in a community, facilitates leadership development and educates people about hunger issues while engaging advocacy. We will involve Rotarians in the planning and volunteering aspect of the event. Rotarians will be able to work side by side with El Dorado Middle School students from our community. This event will be a fun way to bring Rotary, El Dorado Middle School, and the community together. By hosting a Numana event they will package simple, nutritious meals and deliver them to hungry children and families in their area.

Everyone contributes: measuring, packaging, and preparing meals for delivery. Each table of 10 volunteers can package up to 1,500 meals per hour. When you fill a room with busy tables, the output is jaw dropping. And life saving. Every Numana event is a lively, community-building experience. We will also be incorporating an educational aspect into this event. Before students and Rotarians package the meals, Numana staff will do a presentation on our organization, world hunger, and local need. To date, Numana events have benefited children and families in The United States of America, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Haiti, Vietnam, El Salvador, Malawi, Honduras, Columbia, South Africa, Rwanda, Philippines, and Liberia. We believe it is important to teach children about hunger issues all around the world, thus empowering them to serve others.

Budget for El Dorado Rotary’s Numana Packaging Event

District 5690 will provide $4,125 and El Dorado’s Rotary club will contribute $1,375 for a total of $5500. This will allow Rotarians and the El Dorado Middle School students to package 18,333 meals for those in need.

Numana’s domestic meals consist of rice, soy protein, freeze-dried pinto beans and a blend of cheese. These ingredients are measured into bags, weighed, sealed, boxed, and prepared for shipment at our events. Every meal Numana packages cost 30 cents. This includes all of the ingredients (rice, soy, beans, and cheese), packaging, and administration. Thus we have figured the exact number we can package based on fundraising efforts and have planned the event accordingly.

Ashley Roedel MPH, Numana Partnership Development


Sept 2 6:30 PM Site Council/PRIDE Meeting @ EMS Media Center
Sept 3 8:10 AM 8th Graders Numana Packaging Event
Sept 4 1:00 PM 8th Graders to Veterans Traveling Memorial @ American Legion
      3:30 PM Girls Tennis vs. Ark City here
      3:45 PM CC @ Clearwater
      5:00 PM FB & VB @ Winfield
Sept 5 2:30 PM Grandparents’ Ice Cream Social @ EMS Gym
Sept 8 3:30 PM Girls Tennis vs. Prairie Hills here
      6:30 PM BOE Meeting @ District Office
Sept 11 3:30 PM Girl’s Tennis @ Valley Center
      5:00 PM FB & VB @ Mulvane
Sept 13 8:00 AM CC @ Wellington
Sept 15 VB & CC Intramurals Begin
      3:30 PM Girls Tennis @ Winfield
Sept 16 4:00 PM CC @ Goddard Classic (Lake Afton)
Sept 17 Progress Reports
Sept 18 3:30 PM Girls Tennis vs Andover Central here
      5:00 PM FB & VB Ark City here
Sept 19 1:00 PM Early Dismissal
      2:00 PM Homecoming Parade Downtown
Sept 20 9:00 AM 7 VB “B” Tournament here
      9:00 AM 8 VB “B” Tournament @ Circle
Sept 22 5:00 PM 7 VB Triangular @ Wellington
      5:00 PM 8 VB Triangular here
Sept 23 9:00 AM Girls tennis @ Goddard Invitational
      4:00 PM CC @ Andover Invitational
Sept 25 5:00 PM FB & VB vs Wellington here
Sept 26 Individual Student Pictures
Sept 27 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM Walnut River Festival
Sept 29 3:30 PM Girls Tennis vs. Winfield here
      5:00 PM 7 VB Triangular here
      5:00 PM 8 VB Triangular @ Ark City
      5:30 PM BOE Meeting @ District Office