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Local author reads to Grandview students
Local author James Taylor read My Mommy Burnt the Cookies during Grandview’s Title I Math and Reading Night on November 16.

Taylor currently teaches fifth grade at Circle, but was a para at Grandview in 2011.

He was excited to return to Grandview to share his story with students.

“When they called and invited me to come read my story, I dusted off my badge and came out,” Taylor said.

Taylor knew what he wanted to title the story for 15 years before the actual text was written. When he finally sat down to write it, the story was put to paper in one evening as part of a class project for Emporia State University.

“I always knew I wanted to write this story,” Taylor said. “It’s important for kids to know that not everyone has a Pinterest mom, and that’s okay.”

My Mommy Burnt the Cookies is based on a true story about a time when Taylor’s mom attempted to bake cookies for his Kindergarten class.

When he wrote the book, Taylor had no idea how to publish it. He spent some time researching, but felt overwhelmed by all of the information. He decided to record himself reading the story and uploaded it to YouTube.

A couple of years later, Kraken Publishing contacted him about publishing his book.

Grandview students enjoyed the story, and laughed when he explained how the cat, Kiki, was a time-traveling cat. She wasn’t around during the actual story, but he wanted her to be a part of it, so he wrote her in.

Each student who attended received a signed copy of My Mommy Burnt the Cookies.

After the book reading, students formed two groups. One group started at the Number Walk and the other group started at the Story Walk.

The Number walk had fun activities related to adding, subtracting, counting, and estimating.

The Story Walk featured The Napping House by Audrey Wood. The story was separated onto about twenty panels. Students read the story and participated in an action that represented that piece of the story, such as yawning, stretching, making snow angels, and doing jumping jacks.

Each student also received a goody bag that included parent resources, reading or math flash cards, and mini plastic rulers. There were also door prizes and snacks in the gym.