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News and Headlines
News and Headlines
Lincoln second grade enters Willie Wonka's chocolate factory

Each year, second grade students at Lincoln Elementary read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. On the day Charlie enters the factory in the story, the second grade teachers transform their classrooms and hallway into a tangible version of that factory.

The walls are covered with candy made from colorful paper plates, cellophane, Styrofoam bowls, and balloons. A life-size painting of Willie Wonka with his chocolate river and boat in the background greets students at the entrance to the factory.

Each classroom door is decorated to depict one of the rooms from the chocolate factory, and candy buttons are taped to the wall for students to taste.

Before entering the chocolate factory, teachers review what they have already read in the story and each student is presented with a chocolate bar to see if they've won a golden ticket that will allow them to enter the chocolate factory. They tear the corner slowly, just as Charlie did in the story.

The day is filled with themed activities as students enjoy their day in the chocolate factory and finish reading the book.

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