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May 24 Bond Issue
May 24 Bond Issue

• Physical spaces that meet the needs of 21st century education
• Neighborhood Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade schools
• Fewer transitions for our families
• Improved learning environments
• Efficiency of space and lower long-term operating costs
• Adequate outdoor spaces and parking
• Address costly infrastructure needs
• Adequate space for curriculum and programming needs
• Ability to support future technology
• Eliminating mobile classrooms

Click here to download Fact Sheet #1.
• New Grandview and Jefferson/Lincoln Elementary Schools
 —320 student capacity (2 classrooms per grade level) at Grandview,
        located at new northeast site
    —480 student capacity (3 classrooms per grade level) at
        Jefferson/Lincoln, located at the current Jefferson site
    —Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade
    —Improved traffic and pedestrian safety

Click here to download Fact Sheet #3.
• New District Performing Arts Center
    —Convert former Middle School into a Performing Arts center for the
        district and community
    —Site and parking improvements that add over 180 parking spaces
        and ADA accessibility
    —Pocket theater, backstage support and rehearsal space
    —Outdoor amphitheater
    —Dedicated space for high school alternative program

Click here to download Fact Sheet #2.

• Completion of the Long Range Facilities Plan
    —Phase II of the plan to replace 1950's era elementary schools
    —Demand for additional performing arts space in a building with
        historical significance for the community
• Competitive Construction Market
    —Budget-conscious bidding environment
• Low Interest Rates
    —Lowest market rates in 50 years
    —Ability to wrap around existing low-interest bonds
• $36 million
  ––$15.0 million for new Jefferson Elementary
  ––$15.7 million for new Grandview Elementary
  ––$4.5 million for District Performing Arts Center

• Monthly Cost for Home Owners

    $50,000 home   =  $3.60
    $100,000 home =  $7.19

Click here to download Bond Fact Sheet #4.

• Tuesday, May 3: Deadline to register to vote
• Tuesday, May 10: Ballots begin arriving in mailboxes
• Tuesday, May 24: Ballots due by noon

Are you registered to vote? Find out now by clicking here.

There are three ways to register to vote:
   • Online through the Kansas Department of Revenue. In order to
     register online, you will be required to upload citizenship documents.
   • By MailDownload the state application by clicking here.
   • In person at the Butler County Election Office. You will need to
     download the state application and take your birth certificate or
     passport with you.
The Butler County Election Office is located at 205 W Central Ave # 2, El Dorado, KS 67042.