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Electronic e-News
Electronic e-News
USD 490 e-News

October 25, 2017

Kansas Senator Jerry Moran tours EHS

     Kansas Senator Jerry Moran toured El Dorado High School on October 16. The tour was led by students Lauren Lowrey and Andrew Tipton.
     Click here to read the full article.

Moran tour
L-R: Lauren Lowrey, Senator Jerry Moran, Andrew Tipton

EMS girls tennis finishes third in Pioneer League

     The EMS girls tennis team placed third in the Pioneer League tournament on October 3 in Ark City. This is the highest any EMS girls tennis team has placed in a Pioneer League tournament.
     Click here to view individual results.

EHS students named KU Honors Scholars

     Several EHS students were named KU Honors Scholars and will be recognized next month by the KU Alumni Association.
     Students become Honors Scholars by performing academically in the top ten percent of their graduating class.
     This year’s KU Honors Scholars at EHS are Taylor Brock, Callie Carter, Peyton Duryea, Hollie Gregg, Channing Kimble, Nate Kistler, Cheyenne Lee-Smith, Lauren Lowrey, Jaden McAdoo, Christian McCoy, Madeline Sammons, Sydney Scanlon, Gretchen Shum, Katlyn Sparks, and Jake Tole.

KU Honors Scholars
Students posed for a photo on pajama day during Red Ribbon Week.
Recognition ceremonies will take place in November.

Performing Arts Center milestone slated to begin after November 1

     Construction crews are nearing full-scale demolition on the east wing of the Performing Arts Center as the area is cleared to increase parking for events. Simpson construction anticipates the major work on this to begin after November 1.
     In preparation for the demolition, the decorative architectural features on the exterior of the building were carefully removed and will be reused in the final renovation. Memorial bricks have already been removed for relocation at the renovated facility.
     Shortly after demolition is completed, a small supply of rough bricks from the structure will be made available for patrons who would like a keepsake from the historical building. They will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.
     The district will publish information on social media the day before bricks are made available detailing the location and hours that patrons may come get a brick or two.
     For questions about the project, please contact the District Office at 316-322-4800.

PAC rendering




Eldorado Schools Logo
District Highlights

Two EHS students receive Wendy's High School Heisman Award

     Peyton Duryea and Sydney Scanlon have been selected as Wendy’s High School Heisman Award recipients.
     Click here to read the full article.

EHS hosts guest speaker

     El Dorado High School students hosted a guest speaker on September 29. Adrienne Bulinski shared her story and offered four tools that would guarantee students success in life.
     Click here to read the full article.


EHS girls tennis compete in AVCTL and regional meets

     The EHS girls tennis team traveled to Riverside courts in Wichita on October 2 for the AVCTL division 3,4 tennis tournament. The team placed seventh overall.
     “This year the league was the toughest from top to bottom that I have ever seen,” Coach Kent Kunkel said.
     The team competed at the regional tennis meet at Wichita Collegiate on October 6. They played hard, but did not advance to state.
     Team members included: Nalea Payton, Makayla Chabot, Abby Edwards/Gretchen Shum, and Kaylah Jackson/Taylor Nguyen.

EHS boys cross country team advances to state

     The EHS boys cross country team placed third at regionals on October 21,  and qualified to compete at the state meet on October 28.
    Individually, Cale Carson placed second, and Ezekiel Kemboi placed seventh.
Click here to see AVCTL results.

Eighth grade boys cross country team places first at Pioneer League

     The EMS boys cross country team placed first in the Pioneer League cross country meet in Winfield on October 10.
     Jeremiah Kemboi placed first, Trip Baker placed fourth, and Payton Ball placed fifth.
     Click here to read the full article.

EMS volleyball teams place third in Pioneer League

     The EMS seventh and eighth grade volleyball teams placed third during the Pioneer League volleyball games on October 14.

EHS volleyball team advances to state

     The EHS volleyball team won at regionals on October 21, and qualified to compete during the state competition on October 27 and 28.

Staff participate in poverty simulation during Inservice

     Have you ever wondered what staff members do during Inservice days?
Click here to see what EHS and EMS staff did on October 20.