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Blackmore & Grandview Construction Update
Blackmore & Grandview Construction Update

Grandview Elementary


The mascot and colors will remain the green and yellow Gators.

Blackmore Elementary

The mascot will be the Bears and the colors will be black and gold.



August 25, 2017

USD 490 Board Members toured the Blackmore and Grandview construction sites on August 25.

The Blakmore site tour was let by site Superintendent Lucas Lackey. After donning hard hats, the group entered through what will eventually be the windows to the commons area. The rooms are taking shape and the outside brick work has begun.

The office areas have the steel framing completed and the concrete has been poured for the gym floor. Several doorways already have the metal framework in place.

The first classroom wing has cinderblock walls in place but they are still placing the steel framework that will support the roof. The other two classroom wings are still being constructed.

So far, the Blackmore project is progressing on schedule.

At the Grandview location, Project Coordinator Jared Simpson led the site tour. The Grandview project is about two weeks behind Blackmore, but with one less classroom per wing may catch up with Blackmore in the upcoming months.

The Grandview crew is building the cinderblock walls of the classroom wings, welding the framework for the roof supports, and beginning the brick work on the office side of the building.

One unique feature at the Grandview location is the windmill that is visible from the north side of the building.

Next week, a fence will be erected around the former middle school and asbestos abatement will begin during the last week of August in preparation for the new District Performing Arts Center.

Below is a drone video that shows the progress as of July 2017.