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USD 490 receives Food Service Equipment grant

USD 490 is one of only 10 districts in the state of Kansas to receive a 2017 Food Service Equipment Assistance Grant. The grant money will be used to purchase equipment that will turn Skelly’s existing satellite kitchen into a full-service location. This means that food can be stored and prepared on-site.

Currently, food must be prepared in another building and shipped to each of the elementary schools. The new Blackmore and Grandview schools will have fully functional kitchens when they open in August 2018.

"This will allow for each elementary to operate more independently while allowing for greater control over food quality and enhanced food safety procedures," Chandra Spears, Director of Food Service said.

The new equipment at Skelly will include a proofing/warming cabinet, an electric convection oven, a walk-in cooler, a walk-in freezer, and a tilting kettle. The total cost will be $34,394 and is completely covered by the grant.