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News and Headlines
USD 490 and Butler Community College offer Essential Skills Workshop
USD 490 and Butler Community College partnered to offer an Essential Skills Workshop in collaboration with the Youth Employment Project on May 31.

The Youth Employment Project (YEP) is a community-wide collaborative that works with businesses, nonprofits, community organizations and government agencies to connect young adults to a first job or work experience opportunity. The goal for YEP is to place 500 young adults in first jobs or work experiences in 2017.

Workshops for YEP began in March 2017. These workshops focus on the attainment of the Essential Skills Certificate (ESC) which covers customer service, work place etiquette, and financial literacy. An Advance Kansas Leadership group assisted in revising the financial literacy and money handling workshop curriculum and YEP outreach efforts. To date, ten Essential Skills Workshops have been conducted with 180 ESC awarded. There is also a partnership with the City of Wichita and 27 youth are attending the Essential Skills workshop today. The Workforce Alliance and the City are coordinating the job placements and most of these youth will begin to work the week of June 9. On May 31, there was an Essential Skills Workshop in El Dorado in partnership with Butler Community College and USD 490. Many of these youth will have jobs with the College, the School District, Butler County and Susan B. Allen hospital. By June 1, it is anticipated that over 240 youth will have earned the Essential Skills Certificate.

To date, there are 76 employers that are committed to hiring 197 youth for the summer. Of these positions 63 will be unsubsidized positions paid by the employer. Employer recruitment continues and it is expected more employers will be involved.

Manufacturing Interview Day was held on May 22, 2017 at the Wichita Workforce Center. Cox Machine and Spirit AeroSystems, conducted interviews for 40 youth interested in manufacturing jobs. Spirit offered positions to 19 youth that will begin on June 9, and Cox is bringing on four. Textron Aviation will also be participating in YEP and plan to provide five youth positions this summer.

On May 26, 2017, the Workforce Centers hosted the first YEP job fair. Over 170 job seekers attended with 15 employers participating. While the job fair was open to all, the youth that earned the Essential Skills Certificate were given a red wrist band so employers would be aware of this accomplishment. The next YEP job fair will be held at the Wichita Workforce Center on June 9, 2017.