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News and Headlines
News and Headlines
Spring PIE grants awarded
Partners in Education delivered the spring PIE grant awards on February 28.

Six grants totaling $2,755.41 were awarded to USD 490 teachers to enhance student success.

At El Dorado High School, Linda Swan was awarded $153.95 to purchase a video that will teach students about the cause and effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

At El Dorado Middle School, Kelly Payé and Joann Staats each received a PIE grant. Mrs. Payé received $850 to purchase Reality U. It is a career-based, interactive activity that allows students to experience realistic life scenarios in order to work on career skills.

Mrs. Staats' $165 grant will be used to purchase the Scholastic Math Magazine. This magazine contains real-world math applications that will answer, "How will we use this in the real world?"

At Jefferson, Luanna Lewis was awarded $336.46 for Read, Sing, Learn. These books are beautifully illustrated and contain CDs. Studies have shown that combining music with learning increases the retention rate and engagement.

At Lincoln, the second grade teachers (Megan Eldridge, Kayli Weaver, and Jenna Pletcher) received $625 to purchase a Breakout Box. This box contains a series of locks and puzzles that must be solved and opened in order to obtain whatever is inside. This teaches problem-solving, teamwork, critical thinking and troubleshooting skills.

At Skelly, the Kindergarten teachers were awarded $625 to purchase headphones that completely cover students' ears.

Four Cantrell Grants were also awarded to Special Education Teachers in USD 490.

Lora Goehring received money for Lego Mindstorm Education GV3 and the Expansion pack. It allows students to learn computer programming and robotics and can be used with the 3D printer.

Rina Frye received money for an iPad mini, Communicator App, and Case. She will use this to improve communication with a student who is non-verbal.

Cindy George received moneyf or an iPad PRO and case. She will use the device to enhance academic lessons with students who have physical, visual, and cognitive disabilities.

Kristin Wiehe received money for Switch Adapted Toys. These toys will offer students with cerebral palsy and cognitive delays to learn through play. The toys will be available for checkout to teachers and parents.