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News and Headlines
News and Headlines
PIE announces 2017-18 Fall Grant recipients
Partners in Education grants are funded by endowments, donations and fundraisers. They use these funds to provide resources to USD 490 educators, to support innovation in the classroom, and nurture interaction between El Dorado Public Schools and the community.

2017-18 P.I.E. Fall Grants have been awarded to the following recipients:

Color My Learning by Luanna Lewis- $200.40 will purchase PreK through first grade level books for the Jefferson library that include crayon activities. These books include bright primary colors and pair concepts with realistic photos of real items to help students understand seasons, compare sizes, count, identify opposites, recognize patterns and shapes, and sort items to prepare for learning math skills.

Picture Perfect Science by Luanna Lewis- $310.10 will purchase second through fifth grade level books for the Lincoln library that introduce science concepts and activities while working on vital reading skills. These books pair with science curriculum to reinforce what is being learned in the classroom during library lessons.

Non-Fiction Science
by Deena Eaton- $456.31 will purchase non-fiction science books for the high school library. These books will replace outdated texts, increasing interest and circulation of STEM-related science books.

High-Interest, High-Lexile by Deena Eaton- $430.40 will purchase fiction books for the EHS library that meet or exceed the 1000 lexile level. This will provide high-interest books that also challenge top readers which allows them to continue to grow as readers.

Keep Them Reading! By Nancy Wagner- $629.66 will purchase 34 new books for the Grandview library. These books will be geared toward creating lifelong readers by providing a diverse array of reading material.

Calm Down Bottles by Christie Henderson- $200 will be used to purchase the materials needed to create “calm down bottles” that students can take home and use when encountering adversity in their home life. These bottles are part of Jefferson/Lincoln’s effort to be a trauma informed/trauma sensitive school that teaches students how to regulate their emotions when they encounter difficulties.

Spot Me Reading by Luanna Lewis- $540.12 will be used to purchase a new series of books for the Lincoln library. This series combines the love of search and find books with easy to decode, nonfiction text. There are 28 books in the series.

Bottle Rocket Blast Off by Abbi Markowitz- $807 will be used to purchase materials for bottle rockets for Skelly fifth grade students. After constructing a straw rocket and conducting several trials, students will investigate how the weight, length, and overall structure of affected the rocket’s flight. They will use what they learn to construct a bottle rocket. They will then launch the bottle rocket, gather, and record data on the rocket launch.

Superflex: Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum by Ashlee McCoy and Katie McCouch- $498.71 will be used to purchase specialized behavior curriculum for Skelly students with Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, and children that have difficulty in regulating behaviors. Superflex aids in decreasing the amount of meltdowns that occur by teaching students new techniques and helping them develop their own inner ‘superhero.’

5 Minute Kids- an RTI approach for articulation by Ashlee McCoy and Katie McCouch- $288 will purchase a program for Skelly that was developed by a retired Speech Language Pathologist that delivers short, individual speech sessions in order to minimize the time spent out of the regular education classroom. The goal of the program is to prevent the student from missing more instructional time down the road by correcting errors that are emergent at a younger age.

Flexible Seating for Success by Corinna Adams- $395 will be used to purchase specialized seating for first grade students at Skelly that allows them to move, wobble, and fidget while learning. This decreases disruption and distraction by providing stimulation for students who have a difficult time staying focused.

Individual Study Spaces
by Lora Goehring- $223.93 will be used to purchase PVC pipe and fabric to create cubicles for EHS students, which will help them focus on the task at hand and take control of their learning.

Kidstix, Mini Percussion Station by Wendy Goldsmith, Sheri Crawford, and Gabrielle Longfellow- $858.75 will purchase a set of percussion kits for each elementary school. Students learn about “found sounds” which means any item that produces sound can be used to make music.

Positive Behavior Resource
s by Jenifer Davis- $500 will be used to purchase shirts and school supplies for the middle school PROS (Prepared, Responsible, On-Time, Safe) program. The PROS program aligns with Kansas standards and focuses on social emotional learning.

The Snark Tuner by Kevin Monroe- $500 will be used to purchase a small, electronic, clip-on tuning meter for EMS. It will give middle school students assistance in tuning their instruments.

Critical Thinking
by LuAnne Vides- $307.77 will be used to purchase workbooks for EMS seventh grade students that target critical thinking. They include fun and interesting resources that are easy to access and administer. The focus area of critical thinking is necessary in refining soft skills by developing their mathematic skills to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.

Running Panthers
by David Hinton- $350 will be used to purchase a fitness program for Skelly students. The program will focus on cardiorespiratory endurance and include getting students involved in lifelong physical activity. Using a fitness calendar to track progress at home, students can earn credit based on how well they participate outside of class. The goal is to get students to be ambassadors to their families for active lifestyles. At various times, students will be rewarded for different milestones achieved.