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News and Headlines
News and Headlines
Norm Wilks and Sue Givens receive training recognition
USD 490 Board of Education Vice President Norm Wilks and Superintendent Sue Givens been honored from the Kansas Association of School Boards for participating in training programs.

Wilkes and Givens received certificates for acquiring at least 25 Leadership Academy points.

The KASB Leadership Academy encourages school board members and superintendents to seek continuing education to help them become better district leaders. KASB sponsors workshops throughout the year at which school obard members and superintendents receive points based on the length and content of each seminar. The points are totaled at the end of the program year. Certificates are presented to board members and superintendents who receive at least 25 points.

For more information contact Kansas Association of School Boards Assistant Executive Director/Marketing and Public Relations Carol Pitts at (785) 273-3600 or email epitts@kasb.org.