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News and Headlines
News and Headlines
New board members complete KASB training

New board of education members Heather Nichols and Sharon Waugh recently completed the Foundations of Boardsmanship training offered by the Kansas Association of School Boards.

Dr. Brian Jordan, KASB assistant executive director for leadership services, said the training gives new board members a strong foundation to begin building their skills as effective leaders.

"The training included an introduction to the fundamentals of serving on a board of education and covered topics such as advocacy, finance, setting goals and priorities and evaluation of the superintendent. Also covered were legal topics, including open meetings and executive sessions. The agenda also included an overview of the Kansas Education Systems Accreditation (KESA) and other state and national education governance topics," Jordan said.

Another critical part of the training is how to set goals and work through disagreements to reach consensus.

"Top achieving districts have one thing in common - a board of education and district leadership team that has clearly identified their priorities and remains focused on a vision for the future of their students," Jordan said.