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Jefferson/Lincoln students race boats for reading challenge reward
Ninety-seven Jefferson/Lincoln students met their individual Rock-n-Row reading challenge goal and were rewarded with a trip to the YMCA on February 8.

Kindergarten and first grade students built boats from empty milk cartons. They each designed a sail from scrap paper and taped it to a straw. The straw was mounted to the milk carton using a small piece of modeling clay.

The boats were placed in the pool where the current from the slide could propel them toward the far wall. Students lined the side of the pool to cheer and watch the race. Afterward, they were able to play in the water.

Second through fifth grade students were divided into ten teams. Each group was given a large piece of cardboard, an additional piece of scrap cardboard, a roll of duct tape and two plastic garbage bags to create a boat.

Each team named their vessel and chose two riders to represent them in the race. Boat names included: The Rapid, Thunder, The Water Strider 9000, The Savage Sailors, U.S.S. Victory, Team Rockets, The Mavrik Titanic, S.S. Lincoln, America, and Mr. Raft.

All of the boats but one either sank or had their riders bail before the first set of flags. The USS Victory was the only one to reach the other side of the lap lanes. Team members included: Camden Johnson, Kloie Conway, Haylie Waner, Brooklyn Kennedy, and Wesley Nolan.

Their boat featured a flat piece of cardboard with one long box across the bottom of the front and another along the back. They filled their garbage bags with air and adhered them to the underbelly of their boat to help it keep from sinking. The cardboard paddles were quickly discarded in favor of using their hands as the water turned the cardboard soggy and useless.

After the races, students were able to swim and enjoy the water slide for a while before returning to school.