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Grandview third grade students host Wax Museum
Third grade students at Grandview hosted a wax museum for parents and peers as part of a social studies project.

Mrs. Shum's students presented on May 11 and Mrs. Rosales' students presented on May 17.

Students chose historical figues and created a poster with information about the person and included a QR code. After writing a script with more information about the person, they recorded their voice and linked the recording to the QR code.

On the day of the wax museums, students dressed as their character and posed next to their posters. Parents and students used mobile devices to scan the QR codes and headphones to listen to the story of each wax character.

Video clips from the wax museums are posted on our district Twitter (@eldoradousd490) and Facebook ( pages.

Mrs. Shum's Class:
Naman Bhatt – George Washington
Carly Carter – Anne Frank
Kaden Cody – Alexander Graham Bell
Joliene Dragoo – Virginia Grace
Isaiah Fulkerson – Roberto Clemente
Cynthia Garcia – Jackie Robinson
Hannah Gomez – Rosa Parks
Jordan Goode – Thomas Edison
Charlie Greene – Robert Fulton
Will Hackett – Harry Houdini
Lillian Hamlin-Mefford – Wilma Rudolph
Addison Hull – Lynette Woodard
Mikaila Lett – Eleanor Roosevelt
Taylor Meinen – Amelia Earhart
Max Olson – David Beckham
Grady Scanlon – Babe Ruth
Alan Scott – Abraham Lincoln
Nick Slaton – Michael Jordan
Eva Terrones – Sacagawea
Brody Todd – Tony Hawk
Jayna Walter – J. K. Rowling
Mattie Webb – Gabby Douglas
Allison Zogleman – Mary Lou Retton

Mrs. Rosales' Class:
Ally Wentworth- Martha Washington
Jaxon Sheffler- Thomas Edison
Jenna Hadley- Clara Barton
Gwyn Pic- Amelia Earhart
Reece Knight- Jackie Robison
Isla Nesmith- Harriet Tubman
Graysen Woodward- Jane Adams
Lucy Helms- Albert Einstein
Justus Browne- Princess Diana
Logan Diel- John F. Kennedy
Jack Briggs- Ben Franklin
Lizbeth Gracia- Rosa Parks
Kate Avery- Susan B. Anthony
Kaleb Hollis-Abraham Lincoln
Kelci Stewart- Francis Key
Jaymison Saferite- Belle Boyd
Steven Porter- Confucius
Taidhgin Mora-Bruce- Galileo
Jacob Schafer- George Washington
Tanner O’Neal-Dwight D. Eisenhower
Noah Brown- Paul Revere
Charlie Grange- Christopher Columbus