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News and Headlines
News and Headlines
EHS students participate in community service event
On April 9, EHS staff and students participated in community service projects throughout El Dorado.

The community service event was planned in conjunction with the morning’s annual Future’s Fair where community members visited with students about local businesses and a variety of professions. Students were able to choose three careers they wanted to learn more about.

Several speakers were EHS graduates who eagerly shared their professional experience with current students. John Rawlings (Class of 1969) is a retired AT&T Construction Supervisor. Roger Marshall (Class of 1978) is a congressman and doctor. Randy Browning (Class of 1979) has been a firefighter, police officer, pilot, business consultant, and commercial photographer. Katie Banks-Todd (Class of 1997) is an actress/performer. Casey McBride (Class of 1999) is a Director of Estimating and Pre-construction and Contractor. Jason Patty (Class of 2000) is the Superintendent of Wastewater and Reclamation. Josh Whiteside (Class of 2001) is an EMT. Abby McClaskey (Class of 2002) is a Registered Nurse. Rachel Maddox (Class of 2005) is a cosmetologist. Samuel Humig (Class of 2006) is a detective/canine handler. Taylor Grunder (Class of 2011) is an electrical engineer. Jacob Edwards (Class of 2016) is an employee of Walmart.

During the lunch hour, students participated in three rotations. The first one was lunch itself, where local business representatives visited with students about summer jobs and future career opportunities. The second rotation featured House of Representatives member Mary Martha Good, who spoke to students about the benefits of community service and involvement. The final rotation offered students time to reflect and give feedback on each of the speakers from the morning sessions.

The afternoon’s community service took students out to parks, local schools, a fire station, child care facility, and the homeless shelter to clean up or provide other needed services within our community. They planted trees with the city, washed and detailed a van for Flinthills Services, worked in the Numana garden, and hauled out broken furniture for the Safe House.

Some students remained at EHS to build bird houses, make rice packs for residents of local nursing homes, make re-usable doggie diapers, bake cookies for local organizations, or perform landscaping work in the courtyard and around the high school.

Sutherland’s donated over $50 in material for one of the projects and the City of El Dorado donated a truck-load of soil for another one.

At the end of the day, students were asked to complete a brief survey to reflect on the community service projects they participated in.

The community service event originated as an iWow project by Linda Swan, Todd Miller and Kelly Ankrom, who said they appreciate the community's willingness to provide service opportunities for the students.

Community members who would like to be included in next year’s community service projects should contact Kelly Ankrom at kcankrom@eldoradoschools.org.