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News and Headlines
News and Headlines
EHS hosts guest speaker
El Dorado High School students hosted a guest speaker on September 29. Adrienne Bulinski shared her story and offered four tools that would guarantee students success in life.

Bulinksi, who was crowned Miss Kansas in 2005, captured the audience’s attention by singing to them. After her song, she dove right into her presentation.

The first tool she shared with students was to speak their dreams out loud. She told them that until they had to be willing to put everything on the line and say what it was that they wanted.

Next was determination. They had to be willing to keep trying if they didn’t succeed right away. Bulinski told them that they should dedicate five minutes each day to focusing on their goal and working on a skill that would help them reach their goal.

The third tool was a positive attitude. She related a story about her dad when she was a little girl. He would ask her every morning if she was going to have a good day, or a bad day. Every morning, students can choose the day they are going to have, despite any challenges they may face.

The last tool was perseverance. Students should keep trying, even if they fail the first time.

“Failure is as important as success,” Bulinski said. “You can’t appreciate one without the other.”

She told students about J.K. Rowlings’ difficult circumstances prior to publishing the Harry Potter series. It took 7 tries before a publisher would print her books. Stephen King was rejected 30 times, and even threw his Carrie manuscript away out of frustratin before someone finally agreed to publish it. Dr. Suess was rejected 27 times before he experienced success.

Adrienne Bulinski is a Kansas native. She dreamed of dancing on Broadway, but broke her foot in a horse riding accident.

“We are defined in the face of adversity and failure,” Bulinski said. “We must decide whether to develop our dream or move on.”

When her dreams of dancing on Broadway were shattered with her foot, Bulinski changed her dream to simply walking without a limp. She showed students her foot and encouraged them to utilize these tools to be successful in their future endeavors.