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News and Headlines
News and Headlines
EHS Student Safety Council hosts Traffic Safety Day
The EHS Student Safety Council hosted Traffic Safety Day at EHS on February 7.

Students were able to visit the gym during lunch to play games and talk to local law enforcement about traffic safety.

Kansas State Trooper Chad Crittenden brought the Highway Patrol Convincer to teach students about the force of a car crash and the importance of wearing a seat belt.

The Convincer is a machine that features a vehicle seat with a seat belt positioned on a trailer. After the rider is safely buckled, it slides forward to simulate the force of a crash at 10 miles per hour.

“You hit harder than I expected,” EHS freshman Collin Vogel said. “I’m definitely more likely to wear a seat belt.”

Similar machines have been used by law enforcement since the 1970s and are designed to convince the public that seat belts save lives.

“We definitely underestimate how violent car crashes are,” Crittenden said. “If others aren’t wearing their seat belt, they become a flying human missile coming at you during a crash.”

Sergeant John Thompson with the El Dorado Police Department also attended the event. He is a certified volunteer for Operation Lifesaver which stresses the importance of railroad safety. Thompson hopes students will be cautious and conscientious around railroads and pay particular attention at railroad crossings to keep themselves safe. His booth played video clips with important railroad safety information and had flyers students could read to learn more.

Another table featured informational placards about the negative effects of alcohol consumption, drug use, smoking marijuana, and sniffing chemicals.

Members of the EHS Student Safety Council assisted students with using the fatal vision goggles to play games and maneuver a pedal car around traffic cones. The fatal vision goggles simulate the blurred vision of someone who is under the influence of alcohol.

This is the fifth year that EHS has hosted Traffic Safety Day, organized by School Resource Officer Kurt Spivey. For the first three years, it was located in the auditorium, but was moved to the gym as more space was needed.

“Cars can be a dangerous thing,” Spivey said. “People should take it seriously when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle.” He hopes that Traffic Safety Day will provide students with the necessary information and awareness to make safe decisions while they drive.