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Building Directory
Building Directory
El Dorado Public Schools Directory

Administrative Office
124 West Central Avenue
Sue Givens, Superintendent
Doug Jensen, Executive Dir. of Technology
Julie Jensen, Executive Dir. of Curriculum
Kellen Adams, Executive Dir. of Fiscal and Support Services

Maintenance Department/Busing
1518 West Sixth
Kristi Lowrey, Dir. of Operations, Maintenance, and Transportation
Christi Fletcher, Transportation Secretary
Lynn Sarkett, District Copiest

Grandview Elementary
1300 Lawndale
Susan Holthaus, Principal

Jefferson Elementary
1216 West Third
Chad Schuetz, Principal
Trista Cuthbertson, Assistant Principal/Early Childhood Coordinator

Lincoln Elementary
522 West Fifth
Chad Schuetz, Principal

Skelly Elementary
951 Skelly Street
Stan Ruff, Principal
Trista Cuthbertson, Assistant Principal
/Early Childhood Coordinator

El Dorado Middle School
440 E. Wildcat Way
Karla King, Principal  
Jennifer Davis, Assistant Principal

El Dorado High School
401 McCollum Road
Kevin House, Principal
Morgan Marsh, Assistant Principal
Brian Engelken, District Athletic Director

El Dorado High-EXTEND
401 McCollum Road

Food Service
124 West Central Avenue
Melissa Smith, Food Service Coordinator
Chandra Spears, Director of Nutrition Services

Butler County Special Education
1266 S.E. Bluestem Road
Greg Buster, Director
Miles Harvey, Assistant Director
Bruce Givens, Assistant Director