BOE Meeting Agenda
BOE Meeting Agenda

LOCATION: District Office, 124 W. Central Ave., El Dorado, KS 67042
(Strategic Plan Goals Indicated in Red)

6:00 p.m. Call to Order

Roll Call

Executive Session

• Negotiations
• Personnel

Pledge of Allegiance

1.  Approval of Agenda

2.  Comments from the Public

Speakers are reminded of a three-minute time limit, which may not include reference to students or personnel.

3.  Recognition (Communication & Student Achievement)

Those being recognized are asked to come forward as announced and receive congratulations from Board Members following recognition.

• NWEA Fusion National Conference Presentation
• ISTE National Conference Presentation

 4. Reorganization of the Board of Education for 2017-2018

A. Elect Board President

B. Elect Board Vice-President

C. Appoint Board Clerk and Deputy Clerk

D. Designate Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS) Representatives

E. Appoint Board Treasurer

F. Appoint Food Service Program Representative

G. Appoint Hearing Officer for Free and Reduced Meal Application Appeals

H. Appoint Local Consolidated Plan Coordinator

I. Appoint Kansas Association of School Board (KASB) Governmental Relations Representative

J. Appoint BOE Member as Representative to the Special Education Cooperative Board

K. Appoint Ex-Officio Representative to the Partners in Education (PIE) Executive Board

L. Appoint District Freedom of Information Officer

M. Appoint District Records Custodian

N. Set 2017-2018 School Board Meetings (Resolution 17-1)

O. Appoint Board Representative and Alternate to Serve on Board Negotiations Team for 2017-20178

P. Appoint Board Representatives to Serve on 2017-2018 School Site Councils

Q. Appoint Board Representative to Serve on the District Leadership Team for 2017-2018

R. Appoint Board Representatives (2) & Alternate (1) to Serve on the Educational Facility Authority of Butler County for 2017-2018.

5. Approve Consent Calendar

A. Part I
(1) Minutes, June 12th, 2017 regular meeting

(2) Financial Reports, enclosures A, B, C
Credit Card Report

(3) Activity Fund Reports

(4) College Course Approval

(5) Information

B. Part II
(1) Rescind Policies from 2016-2017 Minutes not included in Board Policy (Resolution No. 17-2)

(2) Adopt Resolution to Allow Pre-payment of Utility Bills plus claims for food or gasoline associated with co-curricular or extracurricular student activities outside school district boundaries (Resolution No. 17-3)

(3) Adopt 1116-Hour Resolution (Resolution No. 17-4)

(4) Adopt Resolution to Waive Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Fixed Asset Accounting (Resolution No. 17-5)

Adopt Resolution to Create an Activity Fund at El Dorado High School (Resolution No. 17-6)

Adopt Resolution to Create an Activity Fund at El Dorado Middle School (Resolution No. 17-7)

(7) Adopt Resolution Authorizing the Destruction of Records (Resolution 17-8)

(8) Adopt a Resolution to approve until September 1, 2017, the signatures of the 2016-2017 Board officers on checks (Resolution 17-9)

(9) Designate Building Principals as Truancy Officers

(10) Appoint the Superintendent as Hearing Officer for Long Term Suspension or Expulsion

(11) Establish Mileage Reimbursement at Federal Rate (53.5 cents)

(12) Establish Petty Cash Limits

(13) Appoint the Superintendent as District Compliance Officer for federal programs including Title VI, IX, Section 504, and 35.107 (ADA)

(14) Appoint Kristy Lowrey, Director of Maintenance/Transportation as Authorized Representative to Federal Surplus Property Center

(15) Designate Intrust Bank as the official Direct Depository and direct the Board Clerk to review/update bank signatures on file

(16) Designate the Butler County Times-Gazette as the Official Newspaper

(17) Adopt Resolution to Allow Journal Entries to Contingency Reserve Funds (Resolution 17-10)

(18) Adopt Resolution to Establish Home Rule (Resolution 17-11)

(19) Adopt Resolution to Extend Term of Office (17-12)

(20) Approve Title I Parent Involvement Policy

(21) Approve Community Concert Lease Agreement Renewal

(22) Approve Junior Wildcat Football Lease Agreement Renewal

(23) Approve Senate Bill 367 MOU regarding juvenile justice authority

(24) Approve Requests for Early Graduation

6. Updates

• Construction

7. Policy Updates

8. Board Calendar

9. 2017-2018 Budget

10. Classified and Administrative Salaries

11. Personnel Recommendations (Student Achievement)

• Routine Personnel

12. Announcements

• Walk-In Enrollment - August 3
• New Teacher Orientation - August 7-8
• All-Staff Meeting - August 9

13. Adjourn